School Supplies for Fall

By Tami Elliott on September 9, 2012 in Announcements with No Comments

Welcome to a new school year! At the beginning of ever year, it is a good idea to take stock of what your child has and what supplies are needed.

Northstar Montessori Preschool instruction includes promoting independent life skills such as regular hand-washing.Here is a list of the school supplies each child should have:

FOR YOUR CHILD: Please label all items clearly with child’s name.
1 – Labeled-Backpack (large enough for an 8×11 sheet of paper (no minis)
1 – Labeled-Lunch Bag
1 – Labeled-Water bottle (not disposable)
1 – Labeled-Pocket Folder (file folder for correspondence)
2 sets – Seasonal Spare Clothes:
2 – Plastic grocery bags to put wet/dirty clothes in
1 pr – Slippers or INDOOR shoes that will stay at school

For children staying after 12:30:
1 – Labeled-Blanket and crib sheet
1 – Labeled-Pillow case to transport nap stuff.

FOR THE SCHOOL: (no need to label)
3 – Glue Sticks
2 boxes – Washable Markers
1 pack – Construction paper
3 reams – Copy paper (White or color)
2 boxes – Tissue
1 – Antibacterial Soap (soft soap)
3 – Clorox Wipes
4 – Rolls Toilet Paper
2 – wipes

*This is a suggested list of items. Additional donations are always welcome.