PTO February Notes

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PTO Notes for 2/21/13

In attendance

–        Tami Elliott

–        Alison Buchanan (President)

–        Jennifer Hensel (Secretary)

–        Renee Amlott

–        Elizabeth Covington

–        Melissa Stewart


1. Planning for the future: PTO Structure and Committees

– Should we form committees to handle different tasks?

  • Committees discussed – all agree it’s a good idea
    • Meetings can be run in future by breaking into subcommitees rather than as one big discussion.


–        Which committees do we need?

  • Volunteering: Organize efforts for volunteering in community
  • Parent Outreach: Connecting with new families, providing help for families with newborns, serving as “Room Moms” for each class
  • Event: Coordinating and planning PTO events (PTO Specials, Capes/Crowns, Tailgating, Winter Parade & Program, Graduation
  • Communications: Coordinating notes and agendas, recruiting for PTO, creating announcements for PTO happenings
  • Fundraising: Raising money for school improvements or events
  • ACTION: Need to get the word out about committees and recruit leaders for each – NEED POINT PERSON


– Can we lay out job descriptions and duties for future members?

  • Should have job descriptions for people who take on leadership roles
  • People wouldn’t read the book of PTO Notes – all notes can be housed in one location but also on website for ease of use
  • Notes would be helpful when taking over a new job or committee
  • PTO Monthly Newsletter a good idea – via email and print
  • ACTION: Need to create job descriptions – NEED POINT PERSON
  • ACTION: Need to make template for PTO Monthly Newsletter – NEED POINT PERSON


– How do we encourage involvement and retention? Let’s hear from new people.

  • Not addressed – should discuss at next meeting

– Do we continue to meet in summer to plan for new year?

  • Not addressed – should discuss at next meeting



2. Communications brainstorm: How do we get the word out?

– How do parents want to receive the information?

  • Personal emails and calls
    • More personal than a mass email, which is easy to ignore
    • Could be the job of the communication committee
      • Each class could have one “point person” who reaches out to the parents in that class – could also be the “Room Mom”
      • Flyers in lockers
        • Flyers or Handouts are effective
        • Posters and signups on front desks are not
        • Would be job of Communications Committee to create
      • Facebook
        • Should use Facebook more
        • Should have posts from Website link directly to Facebook
        • ACTION: Create hook-up – POINT PERSON – JENNIFER
      • Event signups
        • Evites
        • Doodles
        • Google Calendar
        • ACTION: Research this and report back to group – POINT PERSON – JENNIFER


–        Website tool: privacy versus usability? Is it important to keep the announcements behind a password?

  • Remove password protection for most items, especially PTO items
  • Any personal privacy items can be sent out only by Tami and not posted on site
  • Switch to Google cal to allow people to sync to their own calendars
  • ACTION: Switch to Google cal and remove password protection – POINT PERSON – JENNIFER


–        Who should the messages come from and when?

  • PTO events come from the PTO rather than school
  • School info only comes from Tami
  • Communications committee coordinates with Tami for school items or events that involve the PTO (Graduation, Winter Parade, etc)


–        How can we coordinate the messages between PTO and School?

  • Job of the Communications Committee to send PTO info to Tami for approval and dissemination


3. Upcoming Events

– Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6-10

–        Historically: Parents volunteer to organize nice things for the teachers

  • Daily items – breakfasts, lunches, flowers, booklets for teachers with pics, notes to the teachers

–        Ideas for this year:

  • Gift cards
  • Bring in breakfast
  • Students bring flowers

–        ACTION: Please think about this and bring some things back in March – FOR ALL TO DO


– PTO Specials

–        Do we keep them?

  • Yes – let’s skip March, but do one in April
  • Let’s try to provide child care for $5 a child
  • Need to get the word out better – a communication committee will help

–        April – Safety – Officer Dave

  • ACTION: Contact to see if he’s available – POINT PERSON – TAMI

–        May – Girls Night Out


– Graduation is on the horizon – June 1

–        Clean-up and setup, pot luck organization

–        Pot luck at East

–        Performance at Liberty – already rented


4. Specific items to discuss:

– Volunteering research and coordination

  • Evangelical home – perform the Summer Program there
    • Melissa called – Saturdays and Sundays would be good. 2 or 3pm
    • Melissa will call Brekken home to see if they’re interested – easier to do a walking fieldtrip there
    • Should be done day after graduation (Sunday) to make it easiest
    • ACTION: Needs to be organized by Volunteering Committee – NEED POINT PERSON


–        Fundraising research and coordination

  • Fundraising among families is a tough one
  • Maybe getting local businesses to sponsor or donate
  • Need a committee to head this up
  • ACTION: Needs to be organized by Fundraising Committee – NEED POINT PERSON


–        New families and parents with newborns

  • “Room Moms” for new parent outreach
    • Potentially alternate who becomes the point person for new families
    • Room Moms provide information about their parents (who’s leaving, having a baby, etc) – could get rolled into the PTO Newsletter under “Announcements”
    • Parents with newborns
      • Food train and home visits
      • Gift baskets or supplies
      • ACTION: Needs to be organized by Family Outreach Committee – NEED POINT PERSON


–        Facilities and hands-on work (clean-up)

  • Spring clean-up
    • Would like to have a huge yard sale to empty basement at both schools to buy new materials and building improvements
      • Same day as Mom to Mom sale? April 22
      • Need setup and running volunteers
      • Need to clean up and price items in basements
      • Invite parents to clean, price and bring their own items
      • Use that money as a donation to the school
      • ACTION: Needs to be organized by Fundraising Committee – NEED POINT PERSON
      • Campus clean-up?
        • Do it in May at both campuses


5. Any other business

–        Pictures for graduation/end of year

  • LifeTouch – some pics with cap and gown, flat blue, and spring background;
  • Composite pics; $69 for 10 sheets or 2 sheets for $30;
  • Will do at the school; one day for Main and one day for East (if children miss school on the scheduled day, they can go to the other session)

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