PTO March Notes

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PTO Notes for 3/14/13

In attendance

–        Tami Elliott
–        Alison Buchanan (President)
–        Diedre Birkmeyer (Vice President)
–        Jennifer Hensel (Secretary)
–        Renee Malott
–        Elizabeth Covington
–        Robert Nidetz
–        Melissa Stewart
–        Renata Corradin
–        Rebecca Godek


1. Progress taken since last meeting

  • Newsletter template made and distributed
    • Need to work on it monthly
    • Need to get out at beginning of month
  • Website changed for easier access
    • Notes added to site
    • Agenda should be sent out with link to notes two weeks before next meeting
    • Password removed

2. Discussion on tasks and committees

  • A lot of items to try to get done – lets try to minimize the workload
  • Committees are good to have, but not enough people to work on it
  • May be better to allow people to take ownership over activities rather than committees – people aren’t able to commit to a long-term item
    • Big events: Winter Parade, Winter Program, Capes & Crowns, Graduation, Teacher Appreciation
    • Parent outreach – identify someone over the summer to be the room parents for the fall (September)
  • Work off a two-month plan where people are able to take ownership of a specific task instead of a whole year’s worth of work


3. Garage Sale

  • Will be held April 13 9am-2pm
  • Items from schools’ basements will need to be organized and priced
  • Should also ask parents to price and donate their own items
  • Proceeds will go to new roof for both schools (emphasize that Northstar hasn’t raised rates since 2007)
  • ORGANIZERS: Renee and Tami
    • Renee organize logistics with Tami
    • Dierde and Alison help out organizing and pricing
    • Jennifer get the word out about it – put in April newsletter and send email to parents by April 1
    • Renee/Tami identify process for parents to donate – get specifics to Jennifer by March 25
    • Renee/Tami identify was going to happen in week before event – get specifics to Jennifer by March 25

4. Teacher Appreciation Week

  • May 6-10
  • Teachers are:
    • East: Shawn, Laura, Jenelle
    • Main: Tami, Mary, Manjula, Vicki, Cris, Sandy, Karen
  • Plan is
    • May 6: Breakfast at Main by Melissa; Breakfast at East by Beth & Robert
    • May 7: Baking by Diedre and Jennifer
    • All week: Bring in a flower
    • May 9: Lunch by Diedre East and Alison Main by noon
    • May 10: Baskets by Renata
  • ORGANIZER: Tami will chair but not do specific legwork
    • Start donation fund – Jennifer make labels, Tami place on desks starting April 1
      • Suggested donation $5-$10 per kid
      • End donation period on April 25 (in time for next PTO meeting to distribute funds)
    • Ask for list from teachers – Tami get list by April 19
    • Create chart of responsibilities – Tami will distribute at April 25 PTO meeting
    • Get the word out – Jennifer will add to April newsletter and create web post/email by April 1

5. PTO Specials

  • April 18 at 6pm: Officer Dave
  • May: Parents Night Out (end of semester)
  • ORGANIZER: Melissa
    • Check with Skylar on child care and cost per child/family- get info to Jennifer by April 5
    • Jennifer add to web and email parents by April 10
    • Organize May event date/location/child care by April 25
    • Jennifer add May event to May newsletter

6. Room Moms

  • Duties:
    • Get Room Announcements right before PTO meeting
    • Call parents to ask for involvement
    • Send an intro email to new parents
    • Organize efforts for new families or parents with newborns
  • Moms are assigned
    • Ms. Vicki: Dierde
    • Mrs. Mary: Alison
    • Ms. Shawn: Renee & Beth

7. Other Items

  • Spring Cleanup Dates Set
    • May 11 – East
    • May 18 – Main
  • April PTO Meeting Date Changed
    • April 25 at Main

8. Unresolved

– Can we lay out job descriptions and duties for future members?

  • Should have job descriptions for people who take on leadership roles
  • Notes would be helpful when taking over a new job or committee
  • ACTION: Need to create job descriptions – NEED POINT PERSON

– How do we encourage involvement and retention? Let’s hear from new people.

  • Not addressed – should discuss at next meeting

– Do we continue to meet in summer to plan for new year?

  • Not addressed – should discuss at next meeting

– How do parents want to receive the information?

  • Event signups
  • Evites
  • Doodles
  • Google Calendar
  • ACTION: Research this and report back to group – POINT PERSON – JENNIFER

– Volunteering research and coordination

  • Evangelical home – perform the Summer Program there
    • Melissa called – Saturdays and Sundays would be good. 2 or 3pm
    • Melissa will call Brekken home to see if they’re interested – easier to do a walking fieldtrip there
    • Should be done day after graduation (Sunday) to make it easiest
    • ACTION: Needs to be organized  – NEED POINT PERSON

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