PTO April Notes

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PTO Notes for 4/25/13

In attendance:

–       Jennifer Hensel
–       Renee Malott
–       Elizabeth Covington
–       Diedre Birkmeyer
–       Brandi Griffin
–       Jeffrey W.
–       Melissa Stewart
–       Tami Elliott

1. Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Plan still stands
  • Ask parents to have letters for each teacher from their children – place into bucket
  • Flowers – hand to teachers
  • Should put together a list of treats – tell them not to eat breakfast or bring a lunch – ACTION ITEM – Jennifer
  • Add blurb to web post – ACTION ITEM – Jennifer (DONE)

2. Volunteering/Outreach

  • Officer Dave coming to speak to the kids
    • Offered to do a video and talk to kids – talk about safety, good guys around time.
    • Identify when he’ll be here and let parents know what he’ll be talking about – need a date for the newsletter – ACTION ITEM – MELISSA
  • Performing graduation program at a retirement community
    • Options: On a school day (walking field trip) with parent chaperones or parents bring their kids to nursing home on the Sunday after the graduation
    • Would need a two-to-one ratio for kids to parents for a walking field trip
    • The week after graduation rather than the week before so parents don’t see the performance early
    • Tami will talk to teachers – ACTION ITEM – TAMI

3. Events

  • Graduation ceremony & pot luck
    • Need helpers for set-up before and clean-up after – put out sign up sheets – ACTION ITEM – TAMI
    • Need a few helpers backstage during performance (PTO volunteers day of)
  • Spring clean-up days
    • East – May 11 from 9-noon
    • Main – May 18 from 9-noon
    • Ask parents to bring their own gloves
    • Kids are welcome
    • Refreshments will be provided – Diedre and Tami will coordinate
    • Will be on the May Newsletter ACTION ITEM – JENNIFER
  • Yard Sale
    • New date: May 18 –  Capitalize on the local subdivision sale
    • Give a parents sneak peek on Friday night from 5 to 8pm. Need to create new flyers for this info ACTION ITEM – JENNIFER & RENEE
    • Will be on the May Newsletter – ACTION ITEM – JENNIFER
  • Parents Night Out
    • Already planned by Melissa
    • Concern about amount of child care needed – may adjust plans as the date approaches and we see how many sign up
    • Will be on the May Newsletter

4. Safety Night with Officer Dave (review)

  • 5-7 families attended – best attendance so far (due to promotion?)
  • For future specials, experiment with a different day of week or earlier/later time or adding pizza to feed kids?

5. PTO Meeting for the summer

  • May 23 – confirmed
  • Proposal for summer:
    • Skip June and July
    • Reconvene in August – August 15
    • Perhaps officers meet once over the summer to clarify duties and prepare for first meeting?

6. Other Business: Discuss Room Moms

  • Suggestion for next year – define what the Room Moms role is – Brandi is going to bring literature from Kindergarten Room Moms – ACTION ITEM – BRANDI
  • Roles everyone likes: Welcoming new parents, inviting them to PTO, getting announcements from teachers
  • The Baby Trains (for new babies) – should we have a Baby Mom who coordinates this rather than the Room Moms?

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