Northstar Policies

All families who enroll at Northstar Montessori Preschool are given a Parent Handbook, which contains a complete set of the Northstar policies. The following is just a few sample policies that we have found are most frequently asked.

Parents are asked to sign their children in and out each day, using our automated system. This is for the safety of the children as well as for billing purposes.

Parents provide lunch and snack for their children while at school. If your child is in attendance during meal times, he/she will be expected to eat with their class. Items that are not allowed in meals are: gum, candy, candy bars, cookies, pop and snack cakes. A piece of fresh fruit or a granola bar is a great dessert choice. We encourage families to bring nutritious foods.

For morning snack, the children are able to pick items from their lunch box as a snack.

During lunch time we encourage children to eat their food starting with the protein. When children are finished eating, their remaining food will be left in their lunch boxes so that parents are then aware of their child’s eating habits.

Please do not bring food that needs to be heated. A thermos works well for warm foods. The children’s food will be stored on a cart/shelf in their classroom. If their food needs to be kept cold, please put an ice pack in their lunch box or freeze their juice box. If a child has left over lunch, he/she will have the option of eating it as an afternoon snack.