Montessori Curriculum

At Northstar Montessori, we follow the Montessori Method for educating young children within the context of a developmentally appropriate preschool. Our curriculum can be broken down into 9 main categories:

A Northstar Montessori student reads a book during independent work time.Language is an all day, everywhere subject, so we use a variety of methods to teach basic skills. Children will learn to recognize the phonetic sounds of the alphabet through sight, sound and touch, before moving on to reading a writing.

Children also learn the alphabet by sight, with time to read independently each day as well as be read to by an adult or older child.

Two Northstar Montessori students work on a detailed puzzle, practicing cooperation while working on their fine motor skills.Through manipulation of materials, children learn about color, sound, taste, smell, touch and the relationship these items have with one another. Materials such as the geometric solids, knobbed cylinders, cylinders, trinomial cube, binomial cube, rough and smooth basket, sensory tables, and rectangular prisms are just some of the items that help to enhance a child’s understanding of his/her physical environment. Sensorial activities are a great lead-in for math.