Northstar Montessori Summer Camps

Summer equals fun at Northstar

The summer program here at Northstar offers an opportunity for students to get a taste of the Montessori curriculum, but in a more relaxed environment. Our three sessions run in biweekly “themes” that explore topics of interest to preschoolers.

During summer camp, we follow generally the same schedule as during the school year, but our curriculum centers around the biweekly themes and we leave more time for outside activities.

There are three sessions in the summer, each of which feature two different themes. The sessions generally follow the months of June, July and August.

The themes for summer 2013 are:

    • June 17-28
    • “On The Go”
    • July 1-12
    • “Watch It Grow”
    • July 15-26
    • “To the Moon & Beyond”
    • July 29-Aug. 9
    • “Creepy Crawlies: Bugs & Reptiles”
    • Aug. 12-23
    • “Our Feathered & Furry Friends”
    • Aug. 26-30
    • “Back to School”

The new school year starts September 2nd, 2013

A Northstar Montessori preschool student enjoys the water slide during summer camp.

A Northstar Montessori preschool student enjoys the water play during summer camp.