Welcome to the Preschool Blue Room

Thank you for choosing Northstar Montessori! Our hope is that your child’s time at Northstar will be some of the best memories of their lifetime!

About the Blue Room

Hello, I am Ms. Jennifer and I’d like to welcome you to the Blue Room. Miss Chelsea will be assisting in our classroom, and we hope you are as excited as we are to begin this school year! 

A lot of love and attention went into designing our Montessori classroom in order to provide a supportive and safe environment suited for creativity and learning. The materials build on each other in a sequence that is both unique and universal for each child’s individual needs and desires as they progress. Children love meaningful work and it gives them a feeling of connection with themselves, each other, and our community. 


It is our goal to foster empathetic, respectful, and independent thinkers through fun and engaging hands-on-work. In our classroom, it is encouraged to ask Why? How? What for? We want investigative minds! We will also be practicing kindness and courtesy, and encouraging life-long problem solving skills. 


Always feel free to reach out with any questions through the Procare app or Send an Email below.

We look forward to being a partner in your child’s growth and learning this year. 

Blue Room Teachers

Parents are asked to wear a mask at all times.

Drop off information

  • Parents are asked to wear a mask at all times and to drop off by 8:45
  • Children dropped off before 8:00 can be dropped off in the lobby.
  • Children dropped off after 8:00 can be taken directly to the playground in the backyard.
  • Children can take their belongings with them.
  • Teachers will take the children's temperatures and in to wash their hands. 
  • Parents will sign children in on computers in the vestibule.

Pick up information

  • 12:30 and 3:00 pick up: Teachers will bring the children to the lobby as quickly as possible.
    • Parents can chose to go around back to the child’s classroom
  • Pick up after 4:00: Children can be picked up on the playground.
    • Children will have their belongings with them.