Welcome to the Toddler Red Room

Thank you for choosing Northstar Montessori! Our hope is that your child’s time at Northstar will be some of the best memories of their lifetime!

I am Ms. Shawn and I will be your toddler’s lead teacher this year.  Ms. Ghinwa and Ms. Emily are the assistants in the Red Room. We strive to provide an environment where your child will feel loved and accepted for who they are, encouraged to follow their interests, and start making their first friendships.  Over the course of the next year, I am looking forward to helping your child to become increasingly independent and to acquire the self-help skills and language needed to be successful in the primary classrooms.

Red Room Teachers

All parents are asked to sign their child in and out using the computers in the vestibule or the QR code at drop off/pick up point and a personal cell phone.

Drop Off (by 8:45 AM)

  • Drop off before 7:45 will be in the lobby
  • Drop off between 7:45-8:30 will be in the Red Room (around back middle of building)
  • Parents will sign children in on computers in the vestibule.

Pick Up

  • Pick up before 4:00 or during inclement weather: will be at the in the Red Room (around back middle of building)
  • Pick up after 4:00 will be on the playground (back left side)
  • Belongings will be right inside the classroom door
  • Please remember to sign your child out on the computer or with the QR code.