Almadani/Ali Family I wanted to send a note and thank you all for creating an environment of inclusivity and understanding. I was so pleased to see that our daughter has been learning about the various holidays and cultural events that many of her friends likely celebrate. As someone who grew up in a less diverse setting, ensuring a space where my kids can experience the beauty of humans around them while feeling seen (with the acknowledgement of Ramadan) is something we strive for. I do know that the world still has a lot of work to do...thank you Ms. Arpana, Ms. Fariba, and Ms. Donna for taking the time to create an inclusive and supportive environment...and for leading with kindness and understanding.
Hensel Family Both our boys have been students at Northstar Montessori, in both the preschool and toddler programs, and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are incredibly attentive and patient – even with our “challenging” child – and spend individual time making sure they succeed. Northstar is like a family for us, and we truly appreciate the quality of care and education our children receive. Thank you!