The Green Room

In the Montessori Toddler classroom, we provide a prepared environment for your children so they can become independent individuals. They learn self-care, caring for their environment and caring for others in the classroom. 

  • Children learn how to be self-sufficient in putting their belongings away
    • Shoes, coats, bookbags, lunch boxes and cleaning up after snacks and lunch.
  • Children learn how to take care of their environment:
    • Watering the plants, washing tables and sweeping the floors.
  • Children learn self-care
    • Wiping their faces after a meal and washing hands.
    • Toileting- pulling up and down their pants on their own 
    • Putting their shoes, coats, hats, gloves, boots and socks on. 
  • Being Kind to our friends and all living creatures are taught in our classroom.

All parents are asked to sign their child in and out using the computers in the vestibule or the QR code at drop off/pick up point and a personal cell phone.

Drop Off (by 8:45 AM)

  • Drop off before 7:45 will be in the lobby
  • Drop off between 7:45-8:30 will be in the Red Room (around back middle of building)
  • Parents will sign children in on computers in the vestibule.

Pick Up

  • Pick up before 4:00 or during inclement weather: will be at the in the Red Room (around back middle of building)
  • Pick up after 4:00 will be on the playground (back left side)
  • Belongings will be right inside the classroom door
  • Please remember to sign your child out on the computer or with the QR code.